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Bat access tiles are brilliantly designed to create safe
passageways for bats into loft and roof void roosting areas. Imagine offering a
warm welcome to some of nature’s most fascinating creatures while preserving
the waterproof integrity of your roof. The meticulously engineered tunnels let
bats effortlessly crawl into their new homes.

People and bats have been co-inhabitants for centuries; however, modern building techniques and changes in land use have severely impacted bat roosting sites, putting numerous species at risk. Thankfully, artificial roost sites—such as bridges, barns, and roof voids—are stepping up as crucial sanctuaries for bat survival. In fact, bat conservation and eco-surveys often factor heavily into planning permissions.

You can primarily encounter the UK’s 18 glorious bat species from April to November when they emerge from winter hibernation. Pipistrelles and Brown Long-Eared bats are the most widespread species in the UK. Interestingly, different bat species favor different types of roosts; some like cozy nooks under roof tiles while others dwell within timbers and ridges inside lofts. However, a staggering nine out of 18 species feature on Britain’s first Red List due to their rarity, declining numbers, or insufficient data.


Besides making space for bats in developments, it’s also critical to comply with the legal requirements protecting them during building maintenance and construction activities—bat ecologists may propose specific measures.

All UK bats and their roosts enjoy protection under the
Wildlife & Countryside Act of 1981 
Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 ( and the Conservation (Natural Habitats,etc.) Regulations The Conservation (Natural Habitats, &c.) Regulations 1994 ( Furthermore, it’s worth noting that violating these laws can result in large fines and arrests.

Our elegant bat access tile offers just what you need to
give these incredible winged creatures a secure rooftop retreat without
compromising on aesthetics. Endorsed by ecological experts, this sleekly
designed product lends a touch of sophistication to any roof.

Architects and builders all over the UK use our bat access vents, as they not only help them adhere to bat conservation laws, but also provide protection to all bat species and their habitats in Britain.

Bat Access Vent

Don’t miss out on this chance to become a part of an eco-conscious movement that supports some of nature’s most captivating creatures.

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bat access tile

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